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Our Co-Curricular

Art & Craft

The school has teachers who are experienced in the art and craft work to develop the fine motor skills, improves Hand-eye Co-ordination, Promotes innovation and creativity. This boosts the self-esteem, encourages self- expression, helps in socializing and enhances decision –making skills of the children.


Our students should never fear water. Swimming is an exercise as well as a duty towards fellow humans. Swimming helps to tone muscles and keeps one fit, it also takes some of the impact stress off your body. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and it builds endurance.

Swimming for Fun and endurance is offered at LIFE SPRING.


We are the only school in the heart of the city who are providing Archery which helps increase mental discipline and better concentration levels. This activity improves Multiple problem-solving skills and ignites logical, mathematical and creative thinking (thinking outside the box)

Mastering the art of Archery by skilled and trained trainers

Rifle Shooting

Rifle shooting is a skill which improves concentration, focus and better motor movement. A skilled and an accurate shooter is a marksman also known as sharpshooter. We are the only school situated in the heart of the city who provide this learning facility for children.

Regular shooting practice by Nehru Rifle Club in the campus.


Billiards is a classic cue sport that requires precise ball control and strategic thinking. Billiards requires a keen understanding of angles, geometry, and physics to excel in making shots. The origins of billiards can be traced back centuries, evolving from lawn games into the indoor pastime we know today.


Skating culture encompasses a diverse community of individuals who share a passion for gliding and tricks. Learning to skate involves mastering basic techniques like balance, stopping, and turning before advancing to more advanced maneuvers. The sensation of wind rushing past as you cruise on wheels or glide on ice is a unique and liberating feeling.

Yoga and Meditation

Everyone needs to have a clutter free mind. We practice Yoga and Meditation to use the energy positively and to do our work enthusiastically. We experience higher energy levels, improved tolerance and patience, which gives inner peace. Yoga will be a way of life in our school. It will be an integral part of our system. It will be practiced regularly.

Yoga and Sports

Yoga and Sports activities for Physical and Mental Health


Master trainer to mould the child as champion.


Dance is a type of art that generally involves perseverance and improved learning skill, improves listening and discipline, builds social strength, increases fitness builds stronger team work and also dance promotes growth. Our school offers classical, western and folk dances based on the students’ interest.

Vocal music

Music increases Happiness, Music strengthens learning and memory, Music increases verbal intelligence, Music raises IQ and Academic performances, improves cognition, considering the above facts. We offer music classes weekly twice. We also train children to play different musical instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, etc.,

SNV Global School- The Best CBSE School in Coimbatore

Well dedicated and qualified staff, state of the art infrastructure, vast campus with all facilities

Best CBSE School
in Coimbatore

Well dedicated and qualified staff, infrastructure,
vast campus with all facilities